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Private Lessons


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Adult Private Lessons

If you prefer to have personal, one-on-one training by a Master then this would be the class for you. Our masters will customize a program of Power Training Center training based on your specific needs. We have a flexible schedule to fit in with your busy schedule. Our masters will evaluate and help you to achieve your goals. With our Adult Private Lessons you can:

  • lose weight
  • gain strength, flexibility and endurance
  • grow in confidence
  • learn self-defense techniques
  • achieve greater peace and harmony

Come and find out how Power Training Center can make a difference in your life! Kum Do and meditation training are also available.

30 Min Class --       45 min Class --       1:30Min Class

One of our students reported the following after having private lessons with Master Kwon:

"You give very good advice about a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally, and how Tae Kwon Do practice is the center of this lifestyle. Instruction in meditation has helped me to learn how to focus and to be able to conquer daily stress. Advice on diet has helped me lose weight. My flexibility has much improved and gives me a sense of well-being."

Children's Private Lessons

Private lessons can really benefit children who require extra help in focusing. After some private lesson training, children are often ready to go to the regular children's program. Power Traing Center helps children to:

  • become more calm and focused
  • grow in confidence while overcoming shyness
  • gain better listening skills
  • improve physical and mental health

We will customize a program for your child to give them the one-on-one training they need.

Call today for an Introductory Private Lesson!

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Bernardsville, NJ 07924. 
(908) 766-9797. 
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Having Been Healthy and active all my life, being diagnosed with Crohn's disease was devastating. Finding myself weak and exhausted all the time was deeply depressing,



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