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About Us & Masters


Master Kwon & the other Masters are internationally known and respected as excellent technicians, top competitors, talented teachers and deep philosophers.

The Masters are the personification of Martial Arts excellence. They have many accomplishments that demonstrate a never ending pursuit of perfection.

At Power Training Center, Tae Kwon Do, the Instructors strive to help students of every age.

Master Kwon and his professional staff understand the importance of pushing students to do their personal best and to use the perfect balance of discipline and fun to help students achieve their goals both in Tae Kwon Do and in life

master parkMaster Park       master lee 1Master Lee

masteryang 1Master Yang 

Our Philosophy

We are committed to creating and maintaining an atmosphere of positive energy and respect in our dojang.

Our goals and mission statement:

 - To teach the highest quality martial arts

 - To empower our students with valuable skills for daily life

 - To contribute to a safe and peaceful community

When we state that our goal is to teach the highest quality martial arts, it refers not only to high standards of technical skills, but to the character development and leadership skills that are an essential element of truly learning Tae Kwon Do. Therefore, our training includes skills valuable in daily life: cooperation, respect, self-control, focus, and confidence.

We know from experience that training in Tae Kwon Do helps students in their personal and professional life. The positive character traits that develop will help them at work and school, at home and on the playing field.

Power Training Center, Tae Kwon Do gives you a warm welcome to the principal martial arts school in the Somerset and Morris Counties of New Jersey.

Our exciting Tae Kwon Do programs challenge and motivate you to be the best you can be and they are a lot of fun. Power Training Center, Tae Kwon Do training connects mind and body, bringing peace and harmony into your life.

 Power Training Center, Tae Kwon Do offers: 

  • Classes for all age groups
  • A very flexibile schedule
  • The opportunity to train with highly experienced Tae Kwon Do masters and more!

Take a look around our website to learn more about our exciting Tae Kwon Do programs. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Come and experience an introductory program by trying our Quick Start Tae Kwon Do Offer. See what a difference Kwon's Tae Kwon Do can make in your life today!

Master Kwon working with the children

Master Kwon and the Adult

A Tae Kwon Do family class practicing meditation

Contact us

69 Minebrook rd,
Bernardsville, NJ 07924. 
(908) 766-9797. 
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Having Been Healthy and active all my life, being diagnosed with Crohn's disease was devastating. Finding myself weak and exhausted all the time was deeply depressing,



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