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  • Why is the Power Training Center different from other Martial Arts schools? +

    Kwon’s Power Training Center teaches the Korean Martial Arts of Tae Kwon Do. At our school we are dedicated to developing the whole person by giving super energy to our students. This super energy improves mental health by training our students to listen better and be more self-disciplined; it develops character through respect and responsibility and it increases confidence and self-esteem. Physical stamina is enhanced by stretching and kicking and punching exercises; your cardio-vascular system, coordination, strength and flexibility will improve and you will gain better health. Above all, our classes are fun! Our students are taught by experienced Korean Masters. During class time students learn to focus, gain confidence, and are challenged and motivated to do their best and learn leadership skills. After class our students are re-energized and feel great. Read More
  • At what age can my child start? +

    Your child can start as young as age three with our Little Bear classes. Our dragon classes will help your child to develop his or her mind and physical coordination. Each child will receive great training to do their best and improve listening skills while having a lot of fun. We ensure that we have a good Master/Instructor student ratio so that your child will get the attention he or she needs. Read More
  • Can I take classes with my child? +

    Absolutely, we would welcome it! We have wonderful family classes where you may train with your child. Our flexible schedule gives you the choice of attending family classes together or children or adult classes individually. It’s a great way to bond with your child, and you’ll have an exciting workout and a fun time. Read More
  • How flexible is your class schedule? +

    We offer a very flexible schedule to fit your family’s needs. Students attend classes twice a week and can choose from a variety of sessions that best suit your family schedule. Read More
  • How safe is it to learn Tae Kwon Do? +

    Tae Kwon Do is safe and fun for students of all ages and physical abilities. Expert Masters teach with a step-by-step approach so that learning the techniques are done at your own pace. Our Masters give directions and support while helping students work towards their next belt. Classes start with stretching to warm up muscles. We use matted flooring and padded targets to ensure student safety. No physical contact is allowed. Read More
  • What if I never did Tae Kwon Do before or I’m out of shape? +

    At the Power Training Center we have ongoing enrollment so beginners are always welcome. Our programs aim to develop students physically and mentally. We are committed to motivating our students to have a never-give-up attitude and to maximize their health. Whatever age or shape you are in, we are dedicated to helping and challenging you to do your best. With your commitment you will see a positive difference! Read More
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Contact us

69 Minebrook rd,
Bernardsville, NJ 07924. 
(908) 766-9797. 
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